Pole Dancing Classes

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We have two main tracks in our program: classes that focus on pole and exotic dance techniques; the other track includes classes tailored specifically for pole tricks that focus on strength on and up the pole.

Choose which path is right for you, or do both! These classes are independent paths and dancers can choose to focus on either or both.  We also offer a class called Pole Dance Mash Up that combines elements from our dance classes and tricks classes.

Classes for Pole and Exotic Dance

Pole Dance Foundations – START HERE if you have never taken a pole class before or if you are a beginner!

This class is a safe haven for the pole newbie and is also an excellent class for any student that wants to brush up on and get more solid in the foundational aspects of pole dance.  In this class, students will learn spins, transitions, poses, and floorwork.  Students will learn proper body alignment, pole grips and pole safety tips to help you to not only have fun, but to be healthy and safe. This class is a core pole dance class where you will acquire important foundational pole skills with a slower-paced instruction.

Sexxxy Pole

This class is all about attaining that super sexy dance flow.  Our “slow motion training” (where deliberate slowness forces muscles to work harder) will help you get comfortable with a slow and sensual dance style while at the same time, giving you a killer workout. No matter what level you’re at, we will break down exactly how to link sexy walks, spins, transitions and floor and wall dance together in a sexy routine that will make you feel like your sexiest self.

Intermediate Dance & Trick Flow

In this dance class, students will be incorporating their tricks and strength moves into their dance flow! We will focus on tweaking existing pole moves to make them the strongest and sexiest they can be. Students will learn more challenging pole climbs, poses, floorwork and also begin learning how to comfortably and effortlessly connect basic inversions into a dance routine.

Pole Dance Mash Up

THIS IS A SUPER FUN CLASS FOR ALL LEVELS – beginner through advanced! Because we give variations for most of the moves taught, the beginner pole dancer up to a more advanced student can enjoy the benefits of this mash up class! This class will be a mash up of dancing, climbing, chair dance, booty moves, trick foundations, spinning pole, spins and floor work. We will combine these elements for a super-fun, mini routine toward the end of the class. Some weeks may be themed (i.e., ’80s music, striptease – no nudity!, booty music, rock, etc.) for even more of a fun twist!


Classes for Pole Tricks

Beginner Pole Tricks Foundations

Are you amazed by pole dancers that seem to defy gravity on the pole, but feel like those tricks are out of your reach? In this class, we will break down and teach you exactly how to do those awe-inspiring pole tricks – you will amaze yourself! This is a great class for the beginner pole dancer and is geared toward gaining strength and comfort for basic pole tricks. This dynamic class includes pole strength exercises and includes several trick foundation moves such as climbs, pole sits, pole sit poses, static pole hold poses, basic inversion preps (i.e., preparation for going upside down!) as well as also focuses on utilizing the pole to build strength for more advanced moves. We will also be teaching students self and buddy spotting practices.

INTERMEDIATE Pole Tricks Foundations

This class is for the student that has taken several of our Beginner Level Tricks Foundations classes and is ready to take their strength-based pole drills to the next level. We will be doing different variations of climbing drills, inversion drills, and other strength exercises on and up the pole.  This class will also begin preparing students for executing combinations of basic tricks in succession before coming back down to the floor. You must be comfortable executing a basic invert from standing to join this class. If you are unsure if you are ready for this class, please contact studio owner, Brandi at (813) 280-2931.

Advanced Pole Tricks – Instructor Approval Required

This class focuses primarily on learning vertical strength tricks with three or more points of contact with the pole.  More advanced students can progress these tricks to two points of contact and/or trick transitions and combinations.  This class also teaches several trick based spins. This class is not taught in progression and the tricks that are covered can be varying levels of difficulty.  Tricks are modified for level of participants and are commonly taught from the ground up. Instructor and group spotting techniques are utilized. In order to build your strength and capability to be approved to take this class, we recommend taking INTERMEDIATE Pole Tricks Foundations at least once a week.

We also offer…

Private and Semi-Private Lessons – By Appointment Only

If none of our group classes fit into your schedule, or if you’d just prefer to have more one-on-one time with one of our patient and knowledgable instructors, then our private lessons are perfect for you. We love teaching private lessons!

Our private lessons are great because:

  • We are very flexible and can schedule almost any day and any time during the week including mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends;
  • If you feel more comfortable not being in class with others, but still want to learn to pole dance and feel sexy this is a great option for you;
  • Lessons can be tailored exactly to fit your level and needs;
  • You can advance more quickly when you get one-on-one instruction – even if you are currently taking our group classes, working with one of our patient and knowledgable instructors in a private lesson can be a great way to learn how to feel even sexier, learn and perfect a sexy routine that is tailored just for you, nail a certain trick, spin or any other goal you are working on; and
  • You can even schedule your own weekly private class – this means we set up a day and time just for you and meet regularly each week. If this option is chosen, classes can be paid for in advance, in which case our pricing is reduced. (i.e., 4 private lessons are $200 – you save $80)
Our pricing is as follows:
  • One hour of private instruction for one person is $70;
  • One hour of private instruction for 2 people is $100;
  • One hour of private instruction for 3 people is $120.   If you need to accommodate more people, please call us so we can discuss your options!


Other Important Information About Classes

  • Please arrive at least five minutes before class starts. If you do not show up for your reserved spot, then it may be given to a standby student. If you are more than 10 minutes late to class you will not be permitted to join the class.
  • Due to insurance regulations, we cannot allow children in the studio under any circumstances. Additionally, our students come to the studio as a way to “get away from it all” so we strive to make the studio atmosphere as private as possible – this applies not only to children – we do not permit spectators of any age in the studio while classes are in session.