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Brandi Godcharles
Owner & Lead Instructor

I am a teacher that is full of life and laughter and I love helping my students learn the art and skill of pole dancing! The most rewarding part for me is helping students to feel a confidence in themselves for exactly who they are – sometimes, because life can get in the way, people “forget” how talented, spirited and full of joy they actually are and I love facilitating an environment where their best selves can come to the forefront. It is an absolute joy for me to show students how much they are capable of. One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing those light bulb moments happen when students realize just how strong, skillful and sexy they really are.

I fell in love with pole dance in 2010 and in the years following, left my career as a professional writer to pursue teaching pole dance full-time and I haven’t looked back since. I love taking the time to get to know my students on a personal level so that I can provide them with what they need the most as individuals. I’ve learned that my passion in life is helping people to feel good about themselves and that is a big reason teaching pole is so much fun for me.

Helping someone see their own unique beauty is a gift that I love giving whenever possible – sometimes it is achieved through a kind word or gesture, sometimes through continued encouragement – whatever the method of getting there, making the world a happier and more joyful place to be is a job I can imagine myself doing for the rest of my life. Come join our family and laugh and sweat your way to feeling the best you can about yourself. Life is too short to not be having a great time, feeling happy and laughing every single day!


Sara Amelia

My journey to pole was certainly not something planned but highly welcome. It was a random night out with my girlfriends to try something new. If being completely honest, I did not think I would be back after my first class. Yet, I returned for a second and found myself with a monthly recurring membership. I even have several pair of shoes and pole shorts although I was skeptical that the sexier side of pole would ever be me… now, I love it all!

The pole offers a unique challenge that I encourage you to accept. There is always a new goal to be accomplished and repetition is never boring or dull; it leads to perfection. The pole community is a wonderful community with encouraging and supporting women. It is like being part of a secret society where only those that are a part of it understand; yet anyone willing to join is welcome!

The workout is undeniably effective. While working out, you also get to discover a sexier side and obtain a confidence that did not exist before the pole. As an instructor, I love watching my students grow and see them discover something they thought they could not do.


Jordan Kinsel

Growing up, my sister and I tried everything: gymnastics, softball, ballet, etc… but we never stuck with anything. Nothing was ever challenging and rewarding enough to keep me coming back week after week. Until I found pole…

Pole dancing was something I always wanted to try, but never had the courage to walk into a studio. About 5 years ago I finally did and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never been very “girly”, but through pole I have able to express a part of myself that not many people get to see. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start earlier. No matter what shape, size, or age, pole is a great, total-body workout. It is so much more than I originally imagined. It’s the perfect combination to make you feel strong, sexy, and empowered. I find myself talking about pole to anyone that will listen and trying to recruit new polers everywhere I go.

I am new to teaching but I look forward to helping students begin their own pole journey! I hope that my own pole experiences, successes, and failures can help women that decide to take the plunge and walk in to the studio.


Heidi Virag

I grew up on a farm in Ohio with all sorts of animals. There is much to say about farm life- including how hard it is to toss hay bales above your head in the middle of summer! That setting helped me to see how strong I can be and what “hard work” really meant. It helped to mold me into the strong woman I am today.

I moved to Florida in 2005 and went through some difficult times shortly thereafter. I was not in a good place in my life. I viewed myself as “ugly”, not worth anything to anyone, and simply nothing. A friend asked me to take this pole dancing class with her that she found on Groupon. I went. That was the best choice I could have ever made. The instructor that I had that day made such a positive impact on me that I had to tell her after class. It made me feel something inside me, a light that just cracked through all of the garbage that I was telling myself and all of the darkness that I was feeling. It gave me hope to see myself in a positive way again.

Everyday life has a way of taking things over. It makes us not take time to enjoy our life and embrace all of the positive things that are happening around us on the daily. Everyday, “life” took over everything, and for over a year I went back to a terrible place. Then I remembered how much happiness pole dancing brought me. I hunted down that first instructor, Brandi. Yes, the Brandi that owns this studio, Brandi Land. She remembered who I was. I was so shocked and excited all at the same time. She has since become my best friend, my rock, my ride-or-die. Pole dancing saved my life.

Pole dancing makes me feel like I am on top of the world and I love to share this feeling of positivity and empowerment with my students. I look forward to sharing this happiness with them. The day may seem dreary or something bad happened earlier in the day…but once you come into the studio and feel the love of all the other students and instructors, it makes that pain or anger go away and love will take that spot over. I want all of my students to leave with a smile on their face and love in their hearts. Like I stated before, pole dance saved my life, it could help save yours.


Aviva Hood

I never thought I would be a pole instructor. When I started stripping, it seemed like an ending instead of a beginning. I love when I’m wrong; not about good things obviously, but flipping perspectives is awesome and can be so liberating. Not only did I never think I’d be a pole instructor, but the words, “I’ll never get this move” have come out of my mouth so many times that the positivity-only movement excommunicated me. But I realize it has to be this way – if I didn’t see it as a huge challenge it wouldn’t be worth it for me. 

Pole is truly a lifelong journey that allows the adventurer to see improvements very quickly along the way. The positive feedback can be instant and the feeling of accomplishment will inspire a lifelong couch potato to get up and dance. 

I’ve been a fitness specialist for 20 years and taught pole for 11. Within a year after I started teaching pole I quit the traditional gym and got my entire workout from pole and pole-related activities. This was natural but would have been shocking to me when I first started as it’s a far cry from the Nautilus-only mentality I had when I was 22. 

Pole is great for bringing sexuality to the front of people’s lives. It’s roots and overall visual presentation assure sexiness is at the forefront of everything pole. My absolute favorite style of dance would be called sexy trickery…I think I made that up but it fits. The heels, which are a staple of sexy, offer their own challenge because of weight at the end of your feet. For me, it’s not so much whether a move is sexy but instead whether or not it’s challenging enough for me to commit my time and body to.  



Christy Guggino

I didn’t know anything about pole dancing back in 2011 when I discovered that the house I purchased was literally 5 minutes away from a pole dance studio. My fitness regimen at that time consisted of yoga classes and occasionally going to a gym. I was searching for something that I could stick with and actually get excited about, rather than having to force myself to go work out.

By the time that first introductory pole class was over, I was completely hooked! Pole offered everything that I had never been able to find anyplace else. Although I was over 40, I felt like I absolutely belonged in that beautiful, sexy, welcoming environment.  

The most rewarding thing about being an instructor is being able to set my students up for success by sharing my love of pole dancing while guiding them through slow & sexy choreography that brings out their inner beauty. Seeing students with newfound confidence and the desire to keep learning more amazing things is just the icing on the cupcake! 


Lexie Pearsall

Bio coming soon